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Rock Flat

Interior Interior

Rock Flat

Type:  Interior Design
Client: Rock Abboud
Collaborator: Hanady Abboud
Location: Haret Sakher, Lebanon 
Size: 500 m2
Year: 2020
Status: In progress

Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Miriam Nasr, Christine Oussabios 

The HRS-1696’s owner decided to live in the duplex that overlooks the amazing views of Jounieh bay. The Design is a continuous frame connecting the house to the amazing Mediterranean Sea following linear audacious lines determined by the gypsum false ceiling. The set of furniture was thoroughly selected in order to create a symphonic balance between the Wall-nut wood colors, the black and the off-white/orange mixture creating synergies in the house’s mood with the ostensible aspect of a ‘Home Sweet Home”